Welcome to Flo, a next-generation co-living solution for professionals in Pune. We value the safety, independence, and empowerment of individuals.


Our security personnel are deployed to provide you with 24/7 security (in addition to the CCTVs installed at the gates, entry and exit points, and lobbies) and will always be on call for any of your security concerns to provide you with any assistance that may be required. We will ensure that all your first aid needs are taken care of—every apartment will be equipped with a state-of-the-art first aid kit for immediate redressal, and in an unfortunate incidence which requires hospitalization, we will also have an ambulance on call with a tie up with nearby hospitals. Our endeavour is to keep our FLO-mates and others as well safe and secure!


Getting to and fro from work, and wherever else you have to go, can be painfully time-consuming and draining. For this reason, we’ve made sure to situate our Flo spaces in close proximity to major IT / ITeS & commercial developments where young professionals like you work. Flo in Eon Waterfront is a stone’s throw away from Eon Free Zone and World Trade Center, which means you’ll be saving hours of commute time every week and will have loads more time to yourself resting or socializing in your new space. You can bike to and from work with ease. This area is situated by all the best schools, hospitals, F&B and retail spaces too. There’s a robust social infrastructure as well at your immediate disposal.

Flexibility + Ease

It can be tough to find and create a home in a new city—from meeting brokers to visiting sites to searching for nearby amenities to furnishing your apartment to finding the right landlord above the right spaces, yeah, it can be a pain! Most of us end up wasting our precious time, energy, and resources on these logistical nightmares. We have taken care of absolutely everything to make this a smooth FLO! All you have to do is check our app or website, let us know a couple details about what you’re looking for and for how long, and the space is yours. We promise you that the only price you’ll pay is what you see on our app or website when you book your room. And when you’re ready to leave, whether it be after a few days, weeks, months, or years, you’ll just have to check out on the app and we can help you find a place to FLO to your next destination.


At Flo we provide an unprecedented quantity and quality of amenities. Our spaces are equipped with luxury bathrooms, fully furnished bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and kitchens. We provide you with flat-screen TVs, washer-dryers, and VRV air conditioners. Our rooms have light automation so that you can adjust the lighting however you’d like. Our front doors feature biometric locks so you can enter the room using your fingerprint or by entering a number combination. Our external amenities include a world-class fitness center, swimming pool, clubhouse, among others. We will give you the option of shuttle transportation to and from work, storage space, parking and any other amenity you may like to avail – you can simply send in a request through your app and we will try and cater to the request to the best of our ability!


At FLO, birds of different feathers FLOck together. You’ll find a new community of like-minded yet unique people. Spend time with your FLO-mates in your spacious apartment, whether in the living room, dining area, balcony, or bedrooms. Meet the rest of the FLO community at events you / we plan. We want you to have the space to interact with one another while also having the option of privacy whenever you need it. We hope you’ll engage with your fellow FLO-mates!


Talk about getting a bang for your buck! Once you choose FLO, your safety and everything else will be taken care of for you. As discussed earlier, you’ll have a fully furnished and funkily decorated luxury space. You’ll have world-class amenities basically at your doorstep. You won’t have to waste your time, energy, or resources on unnavigable, grey area processes to find a home. All you need to FLO is log in, book your room, and FLO in with your personal affects!

Now, value is only to be discovered through the PROXIMITY, SAFETY, FLEXIBILITY, AMENITIES, COMMUNITY that you will experience – so FLO now to start your journey and we know you will be absolutely FLOored! If you FLO with us, you will create something unforgettable.